Monday, November 7, 2011

Breaking the rule of three: Cricket

As many of you know, we at FHS follow the sacred humor code of Hammurabi. One of the laws is something we call "The Rule of Three".

For an explanation of the Rule of Three, see the following excerpt for our book that still haven't been published or fully written yet:
In social settings, many humorists shoot off comments that are pertinent to the situation everyone is experiencing. If there are a number of them, they will most likely add to comments made, or what we'll call extensions.

For example, someone in the group has bad breath. Humorist 1 says, "whoa what did you eat, a poop sandwich?" Folks may laugh. Humorist 2 says, "No, it smells more like a poop omlette." Folks continue to laugh. Humorist 3 now has a decision to make. Does he a.) make an additional comment or does he b.) let his genius comment go?

The predicament that our joking friend has is a perfect example of the Rule of Three in action.
Anyway, occasionally we break the rule for humor's sake, so we're going to try to start a series of conversations that involve us breaking the rule.

calvin: i wonder what crotch got
jared: i think Butt couldn't keep up with the team
he was a little behind
calvin: he stunk
jared: at least they got to the bottom of this
calvin: he was the biggest hole in the team's productivity

Friday, November 4, 2011


A look into human history will display the lengths and depths that man will go to innovate.  We have invented countless technologies that have made the world more accessible and life more enjoyable.  Yet with all our advanced technology, no one has been able to create a recipe for Honey Bunches of Oats that doesn't get soggy in milk.  Progress? I think not.

Monday, October 3, 2011

new opening

With Red Sox manager Terry Francona reportedly out of a job and Friendly's ice cream planning to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, we started to hear things in the rumor mill here at FHS (it's actually a mill). We heard through the grapevine that Friendly's is currently in negotiations to hire Tito as the new manager of the Friendly's restaurant chain. Here's how we think he'll make an impact:

- He'll move the franchise to either Chicago, Houston, St. Louis, or to South Beach.
- He'll rename the Fribble to the Ribbie.
- He'll ban the forbidden chocolate off the menu
- He'll change the clown sundae to the Manny sundae with twizzlers as dreads
- He'll re-brand the Happy Ending Sundae as the Unhappy Ending Sundae or Sundae 162, for short.
- He'll remake the Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt so that it's leaner and more conditioned.
- He'll change policy so that staff members won't eat dinner with each other, but will have each others back.

Good luck Tito, may you lead Friendly's to another championship and end the Curse of the Brighams.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Step aside, Steve Bartman. We know it wasn't your fault that the Cubs lost that playoff series in 2003. It's ridiculous that people still blame your interfering with the foul ball as the sole reason the Curse of the Billy Goat continues to this day. Let's not forget that it was only Game 6 (Cubs up 3-2), and there still plenty of opportunities for the Cubs to stop the Marlins from winning that game. Anyways, that's besides the point, Bartman, you're vindicated. Tonight, we have found a new scapegoat for a baseball team's epic collapse, specifically the 2011 Red Sox. I'd like to present to you the 2011 version of Steve Bartman: the rain.

Yes folks, it was the rain's fault that the Red Sox did not make the playoffs this year. I'm not talking about a South Korean pop star, I'm talking about drip-drop rain. Don't believe me? Let me explain. Right before the rain delay started, the Red Sox were up 3-2 and the Rays were down 7-0. All seemed calm and well, the Red Sox are going to crawl backwards with no arms into the playoffs, but at least they will make it. Things couldn't be better. But then in a sudden twist of fate, the shy, yet cute low pressure clouds in the Washington DC area decided to DTR with the popular, yet accepting high pressure clouds, and next thing you knew, bamm, relationship--I mean rain. And after that delay, things started to fall apart. Red Sox blew their lead in the 9th and a few minutes later, the Rays stamped their ticket to the playoffs with a game-winning home run.

So what do we do now as Red Sox fans? We crucify rain! The next time you feel drops coming from the sky, I want everyone start capturing rain water in jars or any container you can find. Then go home and boil the rain water until it disappears off the face of the earth. That ought to send a message to the clouds in the sky to not mess with Red Sox Nation. And I don't want to hear any scientific mumbo-jumbo about the water cycle, we have to strike quickly and not think rationally. We should also tell the rain to go away and never come back. Ever.

Red Sox Nation, remember it wasn't the player's poor play, lack of consistent offense, awful starting pitching, a bullpen that can't hold a lead, overpaid outfielders, a 2-10 start, a 20 loss September, bad managing, or a complacent front office's fault for this epic collapse, it was our aqueous enemy, the rain!

Friday, September 2, 2011


No it's not what you're thinking sicko! I'm talking about cars here!
Sometimes it seems like people flash their highbeam at you for no reason! And you think to yourself - do I know that person? Are my highbeams on? Should I chase them and ask them why they just highbeamed me?

It could be all of the above (I wouldn't recommend chasing them down though) or next time you should slow down, because it could mean that there's a cop up ahead. It actually saved me a few times, probably because I'm so confused and trying to think about what I did wrong that I inadvertently slowed down. Hey whatever works right?!

But here lies the problem... I like it when people do this for me, but I don't want to do it for others. I know I should probably extend the same courtesy to others, but I really can't do it! When someone flies past me, in my head I'm actually hoping there's a cop up ahead. You know why? Because I actually enjoy watching people get pulled over..... as long as it's not me!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The importance of punctuation.

Today's post will show the importance of including commas, semicolons, and hyphens in everyday writing.

Exhibit A:
What they meant: "Let's attack, Calvin."
What they wrote: "Let's attack Calvin."

Without the comma, our game of Halo went from cooperative fun to cold-blooded betrayal. This is why we should just get an Xbox headset instead of gameplanning on AIM.

Exhibit B:
What they meant: "The following people are promoted: Auyeung, Mike; Ortiz, David."
What they wrote: "The following people are promoted: Auyeung, Mike, Ortiz, David."

Since his boss didn't use a semicolon, Mikey thought his 4 colleagues: Auyeung Lee, Mike Chan, Ortiz Rasputin, and David Pedroia got the promotion he had worked so hard for. By the time Mikey realized he got the promotion, his boss's toupee had already been vacuumed off his head.

Exhibit C:
What they meant: "Steve Jobs re-signs as Apple CEO."
What they wrote: "Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO."

By forgetting the hyphen, now everyone thinks Steve Jobs is leaving his position at Apple. In actuality, he has re-signed with his company for 8 years, 120 million dollars. Hopefully, Chris Johnson doesn't demand to be paid like a top CEO.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Water Country! Water Country! Water Country!

Have some fun! Seriously if you've been in Boston for more than one summer you should know this song by heart. They play it all the time on the radio and on TV.

For those of you not from Boston, I don't think they've changed their TV commercial in over 10 years. Because for as long as I've been in Boston that's the commercial I remember. The video quality is grainy and outdated. The kids in the video are now in their 30's and bringing their kids to the park.

and what about the theme song? Why is it so catchy? I just have to sing along out loud no matter where I am. I just can't help it and I hope they never change it!

you know what the funny thing is... as much as I like the song and you would think I'd be there every summer, but I have never been to Water Country. So thank you Water Country not for a very cool spot, or a place to feel and be young, but for a very very catchy and timeless jingle.